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Mar 28, 2018
Published in Marketing

#AdweekChat Recap: New Technology

#AdweekChat Recap: New Technology

This week we discussed the good, the bad, and the ugly of new technology. On top of everyone’s mind, of course, was the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data-sharing scandal. Reactions ranging from sardonic to “So what?” were no surprise coming from this social media-savvy audience, but some brought up the point that the crisis was causing them to question the trust that users may put in Facebook in the future, and might effect their future marketing efforts.

We also weighed in on Uber’s decision to suspend their self driving car program in the wake of a pedestrian death. Many questioned the validity of the technology and whether it was simply too risky to introduce. While we recognized Uber for making the responsible decision in this case, we know from our experience in the medical device industry that sometimes a valuable technology can take a very long time to develop, and can require years of testing.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom, though. There was plenty of optimism expressed for new technologies like AR and VR, voice skills, and blockchain. We have already delved heavily into the possibilities for AR and VR for medical device advertising, and we’ll likely see increasing adoption of these technologies as they continue to transition from gaming to the mainstream.

On the software technology side, everyone knows that here at The Matchstick Group we’re big fans of Bullet Journal, but task management apps Asana and Slack got the most shout-outs from the group. In general the attitude was, keep the technology coming!

#AdweekChat takes place each Wednesday at 2:00 ET on Twitter for advertising professionals to discuss a variety of industry-related topics.



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