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Mar 28, 2018
Published in Marketing

#AdweekChat Recap: Self-Care in the Digital Age

#AdweekChat Recap: Self-Care in the Digital Age

This week’s Adweek Chat was on the topic of self-care. It’s no secret that marketing and advertising can be a high-stress job, and with our current level of constant connectedness thanks to the internet, the question of how to unplug in order to unwind is an important one.

We noted in the discussion that medical device advertising is particularly fast-paced, owing to the intense clockspeed of innovation in the industry, but it’s also particularly rewarding. While others in the discussion kept things in perspective with sentiments like, “Hey, it’s advertising, not brain surgery,” we were quick to point out that unlike consumer advertising, in medical device advertising the product you help launch might just save someone’s life!

It’s that sense of  contribution to the common good that helps offset the everyday stresses of the medical device marketing life, but leave it to us tech geeks to find apps to help alleviate stress, too. Here are a few that make our lives easier:

Headspace: App that makes quieting your mind and meditating quick, easy, and enjoyable.
Trello: it’s not just for keeping track of project planning. With Trello, you can make a checklist for just about anything—even one for alternative things to do when you have the urge to check social media!
Bullet Journal: More than any other app, this has had the biggest impact on our business and our well being. By taking the time to set goals, track our daily tasks, and index journals, we’ve increased our productivity and our peace-of-mind.

With the world more constantly connected than ever before, there’s lots of room for creativity when it comes time to relax. That’s what keeps us sharp, focused, and loving what we do.

#AdweekChat takes place each Wednesday at 2:00 ET on Twitter for advertising professionals to discuss a variety of industry-related topics.


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