SABER™ Branding

Product Naming

  • Challenge
    Angiotech Pharmaceuticals needed to name their new tract sealant system (a device used to prevent pneumothorax following lung biopsy) for global launch. However, we uncovered in our research among physicians that most would not admit that pneumothorax was a complication that could happen on their watch—even though data showed otherwise.
  • Objective
    Create a name that helps physicians understand the benefits of using the device without associating the risk of complication with the physician’s actions.
  • Strategy
    Creatively generate product names that have meaning and market appeal for this unique and sophisticated clinical audience.
  • Execution
    We looked at the problem from a different angle—instead of focusing on what the product could prevent (pneumothorax), we looked at what the product could do (protect). That’s where our copywriting team explored and generated a substantial list of names that spoke to the idea of protecting patients. The winning name was BioSentry. The idea behind this name, of someone standing guard (sentry) at the biopsy site (bio), was pulled through to the creative concept which showed the patient being protected with chain mail armor. The product name and creative campaign were a success, and BioSentry continues to protect patients today.

Biosentry Brand Development