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SABER™ Branding

SABER™ Branding
  • Challenge
    The Cordis team was looking to launch a new PTA balloon catheter into a crowded competitive marketplace. But this wasn’t just any product launch. It was one of three new product launches that year (after a bit of a drought) that served as an opportunity for Cordis to draw a line in the sand and retake their position as an innovator and leader in the endovascular space. So it needed to be BIG!
  • Objective
    Create the perception among internal and external stakeholders that SABER was a high-performing PTA Dilation Catheter that was sure to become the new gold standard.
  • Strategy
    Define a differentiated positioning for the product and build a brand that the team - and their customers could become passionate about.
  • Execution
    We started at the top with SABER defining the brand’s positioning as the balloon that delivered more - more performance, more durability and more sizes to enable physicians to treat more patients. The Matchstick Group spun that out into packaging, printed promotional materials, a series of internal campaigns and with our app development team at LifeScience Media, an HTML5 app with interactive portfolio matrix. The launch of the product was so successful and the branding so well defined that the team is leveraging the new equity to build an entire line of extension and complimentary products around it.

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