Renal Denervation System

RenLane™ Renal Denervation System Virtual Demo

SABER™ Competitive Matrix

SABER™ Competitive Matrix
  • Challenge
    The Cordis team was looking to launch a new balloon into the PTA space. One of the primary differentiators was the fact that their balloon had more sizes available than other competitive balloons. However, this point was getting lost in the general sales pitch
  • Objective
    Simply and effectively communicate the breadth and depth of the SABER balloon portfolio
  • Strategy
    Build a tool that didn’t just say that the SABER balloon had more sizes but actually showed the magnitude of the portfolio
  • Execution
    The Matchstick Group, along with our app development team at LifeScience Media built an interactive tool that the sales team could use to show exactly how the SABER portfolio stacked up versus the competition. With a touch of a ‘button’ reps could compare the size offerings of the SABER balloon versus one or versus a series of competitors. This instantly showcased the breadth and depth that Cordis could offer. The portfolio matrix was embedded into the SABER HTML5 app