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Quill™ Knotless Tissue Closure Device

Quill™ Knotless Tissue Closure Device
  • Challenge
    The problem in a nutshell: stagnant sales from the market leader and inventors of a revolutionary knotless tissue closure technology.  The Matchstick Group started by conducting VOC research to determine why. What became clear from our interviews was that in order to reach the ‘tipping point’ the brand would need to transition from the ground up in developing a solution.
  • Objective
    Increase brand penetration by determining which aspects of Quill™ motivated the early majority segment and then refine the campaign based on those findings.
  • Strategy
    Create a relevant message for a new target - the early majority. This pragmatic segment is more risk averse than early adoptors and they respond to proof. They like case studies, best practices, data, and peer-to-peer references. SSC needed to walk away from the breakthrough and transformation messages to communicate convincing evidence that the Quill™ represented a clear advantage to traditional sutures.
  • Execution
    The Quill Device website was the first communications channel to receive a refresh. A new, bolder creative look that made use of the primary branding

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