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Renal Denervation System

RenLane™ Renal Denervation System Virtual Demo

RenLane™ Renal Denervation System Virtual Demo
  • Challenge
    The Cordis RenLane Renal Denervation System was a complex one that included a renal denervation catheter, an intuitive touchscreen ,monitor and a powerful multi-channel RF generator. This made the system difficult to demonstrate in a typical 2 minute sales presentation.
  • Objective
    To find a way for the sales representative to demonstrate the wealth of features and benefits in an arresting way - without carting a complete system into every call.
  • Strategy
    Create an interactive ‘virtual demo’ of the system that either the sales representative or the physician could operative
  • Execution
    An beautiful iOS app was created that allowed the user to click on any of the three different components to learn more. We utilized hotspots, embedded animation and video to complete the interactive experience. The app was distributed to the sales representatives - and made available at kiosks at key conferences.


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